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Day 01
22nd March


Arrival & Lunch



Mr. Michiharu Kono, Corporate Vice President/Senior Deputy General Manager of Imaging Solutions Division


Opening - Fujifilm and Photo Printing Solutions
Mr. David Honey - General Manager Sales & Marketing, Fujifilm Europe


Introducing Our Theme - Power of the Past. Force of the Future
Mr. Adam Fields, Event Moderator


Keynote - Consumer Market Trends of Photographic Printing
Mr. Jeremy Wills, Principal Analyst Pro Displays & Imaging, Future Source

Jeremy will be speaking about Western European Photo Output market dynamics and trends, and the opportunities for this sector within the current series of global headwinds.


Comparing Photo Printing Technologies - Toner, Inkjet and Silver Halide
Mr Evert Groen, Key Account & Business Development Manager, Fujifilm Europe

Evert will present a review on print technology trends and furthermore a cost-quality-speed comparison for the different technologies in the photo printing business.


Keynote - How to Make a Positive Impact on Your Business with The Care Principles
Ms. Isabel Verstraete, Marketing & Sustainability Expert, The Care Principles

Isabel Verstraete will give a keynote and explain how your organization can create a positive impact on people and the planet by focusing on CARE. A talk about a new vision on innovation, sustainability, marketing, new generations and the importance of having a purpose.




The Sustainable Future of Photographic Imaging
Mr. Hendrik Seeger, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Felix Schoeller Group

World market leader in manufacturing photo imaging media Felix Schoeller Group will explain their continuing support for the industry, highlighting upcoming developments, with a special focus on sustainability, and the opportunities of Photo Imaging media, especially silver halide, in the future.


Fujifilm Silver Halide Sustainability Strategy
Mr. Richard van den Bergh, Business Manager Photo Imaging Products, Fujifilm Europe

Fujifilm Silver Halide's plans and strategy to sustain the Silver Halide business on environmental, economical and social levels.


Panel Discussion - Exploring the Environmental Challenges in Photographic Printing

Felix Schoeller Group (Mr. Guido Hofmeyer, CIO) / CEWE (Dr. Matthias Hausmann, Director Chemistry and Environment) / Photosi (Andrea Mainetti, Founder and CEO) / Fujifilm Europe (Richard van den Bergh, Business Manager) - Guided by Mr. Adam Fields


Closing of Day 1
Mr. Toshi Iida, President and Managing Director, Fujifilm Europe


Summary of the day and networking


Dinner at MOOD

Day 02
23rd March




Day schedule
Mr. Adam Fields, External event moderator


Advancing Your Business with Silver Halide Innovations
Mr. Richard van den Bergh, Business Manager, Photo Imaging Products

This session will provide information on the recent innovations for the Fujfilm Silver Halide business. How the LCA of the system led to recent innovations on waste water silver recovery, bioplastics, biodegradable photographic paper and other activities.


Keynote Humans & Photos: A Collaborative Future
Mr. Rodolfo Groenewoud van Vliet, Business Director, In4Art

This talk will take us on a journey towards possible futures of photography and the role of photo paper in those futures. The session will shine a light on how immersivity, dimensionality and artificial intelligence are bringing exciting opportunities for the short and long-term future of photo paper.




The Future of Silver Halide Printing and Packaging
Mr. Anthony Pieters, CEO, ISAG

A talk on the innovation of silver halide technology - industrial printing and processing equipment and the post processing equipment.


Managing Growth in Silver Halide Printing by Capacity Increase
Mr. Raymond Luijks, General Manager, Profotonet

How Profotonet deals with growth in both volume and assortment by increasing capacity on a modular strategy due to small floor space.




Keynote: Influence from the Next Generation
Ms. Talitha Muusse, Generation Expert

Talitha tackles Generation Z's view on the world and the input and impact they could have on changing it into a more sustainably driven sphere. She will also explore the view of a next generation consumer and how they see brands and products and ultimately how they connect with them.


Image Enhancement Software Innovation
Mr. Servi Pieters, CIO, Viesus

A talk on the innovation of image enhancement software to bring to life images in a fully realistic way.


How to Stand Out from the Print-On-Demand Crowd
Mr. Heiner van den Berg, Director Business Operations Sales & Marketing, IP Labs

Analysis of the Print-on-demand (POD) market and some ideas on how to stand out in a crowded marketplace by providers of photographic paper products.


Event Wrap-Up
Mr. David Honey, General Manager Sales & Marketing, Fujifilm Europe


Closing of Day 2
Mr. Shinichiro Udono, Senior Vice President Imaging Solutions, Fujifilm Europe


Bus to Fujifilm (optional)


Production Tour (optional - RSVP required)

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